OMG YASS. those are the best nights. Impromptu photo shoots thanks to Urban Decay and Pinot Grigio revimor

Man now I need one of these nights!


I don’t think I know anyone with this background, but maybe we can signal boost. One major thing the Ferguson organizers have been asking for specifically for several days is for service donations from mental health professionals with a background in trauma counseling, people of color would be preferable for obvious reasons. If you know someone who might be willing to either to go to Ferguson or do tele-sessions, please direct them to this form.

#tbt me and m-0-0-n-i-e


1000 roses on Canfield, the area which Mike Brown was murdered.


this is livefeed of tweets from people in Ferguson

if you wanna keep up without having to see a bunch of racist spam in the tag here you go

as of August 21st 11:00 pm the protesters have it easy no police brutality and the white anarchist have found some chill or are not on the scene  







Why are we not surprised, huh?….

Yes ! and the man in the photo above, Fred Hampton Sr was shot to death by local police in his bed as he laid next to his sleeping girlfriend who was pregnant with their son. P.S. It was J,Edgar Hoover the director of the F.B.I who put together cointelpro. Underminding a system from within only seems to work against minority organisations unfortunately :( The son of a bitch.

And we all know some of this went down in Ferguson.

A lot of it.
Whenever there is a push back against established and entrenched practices by the ones who are purposefully stepped on and stepped over (and murdered), any and all tactics will be engaged to shut it down and one of the surest ways to do so is to destroy the foundation from within.

#tbt baby Averi + family

#tbt to having a belly

#tbt webcam photos with baby Averi

An old photo of me and my mom. This hair was a good look for me.